Ben is a young yet experienced adventurer. In headlines, the main features of his mission are: youthful energy and boundless visions. His designs open windows into breathtakingly new dimensions and as yet unknown cultures. The ever-renewing inspiration is essential for all this. 

The main source of inspiration for the young titan, who also attended the art school, is found in spirituality, nature and discovery. The latter is greatly reflected in his travels across the globe.

Just a few sources worth mentioning: the timeless architecture of Italian cities, the radiant French fashion, the mystical steppes of the Middle East, the vibrant concrete-jungles of New York, or the fabulous mountains of Transylvania. The list could go on and on, where Ben himself went to conjure his inspirations into the wildest designs.

Whether it is forests, animals, or dazzling natural phenomena, his creations always reflect an extraordinary yet brilliant way to the inimitable beauty of nature. In the meantime, he also pays great attention to the fact that his designs always serve as a melting pot for the different cultures of the world.