"Good design is simple, yet there's some twist in it." Melograno's young titan, Josh, admits his ars poetica. Design occupies a very prominent place in his life, since design for him is work, hobby and a passion. In a way that belies his age, he has many experiences in his bag. Unsurprisingly, he was already happy to draw as a kid, and he used this love in the world of digital graphics during his teenage years.

Originally a logodesigner-artist, now he has the graphic design of dozens of publications, website designs, and the branding of a clothing brand behind him. The wing-opening artist keeps in mind that talent is worthless without laying the right foundations. For this reason, he thoroughly learned the secrets of design, with the help of professionals and in a self-taught way, and not incidentally, he also deepened his artistic knowledge as a printing graphic artist. In addition, as a university student, he deepens his knowledge as an industrial product and design engineer.

Over the years, Josh’s taste has refined to be crystal clear; it became more and more mature, more and more clear. Although, in his own discretion, the artist still wants to evolve and keep up with contemporary trends. His personal favorites include simple patterns, simple design elements, and special triplets and color combinations.