We all have an inexplicable attraction to raw wood. Maybe its touch, maybe its smell is what has captivated us since human knowledge. In the personality of our designer, Valentino, we can respect a creator who is well acquainted with the feeling just described. His thorough knowledge of the woodindustry and carpentry makes him a master of machining natural materials. 

However, in addition to the abundance of wooden furniture, his workshop also houses other representatives of the creative arts. According to Valentino, a miracle happens when manual work meets art.

It goes beyond the creations of a workshop rolling from a wooden spindles, it’s something more! For the pattern of the lifeless, rough wood vibrates from life in the eyes of the creator; his mission is to transform the more lavish patterns and textures inherent in wood into designs. 

His creations take us back to where the soul can rest in the highest quality way: that is, into nature, into the density of a war-free forest.