Talent, passion and experience. These three words could best describe Ferry’s career so far in the world of interior design. His attachment to art has a solid foundation, as he has deepened his knowledge during his many years of art studies at The Art Institute of Chicago, among others. Eventually, his attention shifted to wallpapers, where he gained a wealth of experience over the years, both technically and artistically.

As the founder of Melograno Muro, he considers it important that creativity, quality and elegance are present at the same time as each wallpaper design is created. Whether a project involves design or execution, it always accomplishes it with the highest level of professionalism and determination.

When wallpaper designs are born, it consciously fuses the values ​​of bygone eras with the most distinctive motifs of modern art. He gathered firsthand inspirations from his travels across all continents.

Measurements from the British Isles, mystique from Japan, China and South Korea, a desire for adventure from the wilderness of South Africa, Egypt and Mexico, elegance from Italy, and a passionate virtue from Spain.

The list could be listed at length, yet the goal is one: with its designs you want to build a bridge between the worlds of art and interior design that is accessible to everyone. He considers it one of his missions that his clients can cover the walls of their homes with premium wallpaper that will take one back to the lavish world of Eden. As the company’s motto goes: Ritorno All’Eden, that is, back to Eden!