We will make it in a few days Designer wallcovering

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Waterproof wallcovering instead of tiles Bathroom Wallcovering

Get away from the gray life.

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Special materials Premium quality

We tailor make our product for you, so you can put your favorite design on any of our materials.

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Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant Versatile product

Our wallpaper is a perfect solution for residential and public use.

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About us

The mission of Melograno Muro is extremely simple: Ritorno All’Eden, that is, to Return to the magnificent luxury of Eden. All this is achieved with individually designed premium wallpapers. From the design table to the execution, our goal is to realize the unique ideas of our customers in the highest possible way. Whether it’s damask wallpaper, Italian or French wallpaper design, or possibly modern patterned wallpaper, with the greatest expertise, we enchant Eden with walls for homes and offices.

What’s more, we also work with bathroom, fully waterproof wallpapers that look great in the shower even instead of tiles. The structured, non-woven and textile wallpapers among our unique designer wallpapers are all made to size, so wall size is never an obstacle.

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