The magic secrets of feminine interiors

We would like to add some clues to our feminine designs, which are very popular in interior design. Foreword: Success is guaranteed with a great color or design wallpaper. 


Anyone who has been in the world of interior design for a long time may have had a good chance that women in the industry were much more represented than men. This ratio is not accidental, as modern architecture increasingly demands a sophisticated, delicate and graceful world of color and form.

Of course, this still does not mean that the masculine elements are ignored; for the most lavish room interiors are composed of an appropriate proportion of the two. It would be an almost impossible task to articulate exactly what makes a design feminine, yet at some points we tried to put it together.



In the case of feminine rooms, the choice of color is cardinal, be it the color of the wallpapers or the walls. Primarily, subtle, understated colors are preferred. Think of lighter powdery, creamy or neutral shades. If we are a fan of more vivid colors, that is not a problem either, as the key phrase here is: the right ratio. Most wallpaper manufacturers present a small number of feminine wallpapers, but we at Melograno Muro try to provide as many unique wallpapers of this kind as possible. And if you haven’t found something to your liking, don’t worry, because with the help of our experts, you can design your own unique designer wallpaper.



After choosing the basic colors, we can raise the level of the interior with metallic colors. Just a few examples worth mentioning: the silvery-steel shades are evergreen, thanks to their neutral shade, it is almost impossible to make a mistake to them if we choose this. Furthermore, there is the rosegold, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. And the boldest interior designers boldly bring even other shades of copper into the room for a sleek design. Perhaps the brightest result can be achieved with a well-chosen wallpaper. When ordering our unique wallpapers, you can also choose the wallpaper material, among which you can also make a metallic effect wallpaper (Luce).




In the case of molds, we are talking about furniture and furnishings. The overall picture will become more and more feminine by significantly reducing objects with sharp, square lines and shapes.

Of course, you don't have to get rid of the sharper shapes completely either, as the really cozy balance will be there if there are some stronger-lined shapes here and there in the room.


Patterns and textures

For a feminine effect, using flower patterns seems like a really sensible step. This can be further fooled by the pattern of other jungle-influencing plants. A restrained, tiny pattern, such as smaller dots, can also be a great choice. The secret that opens up is never that we force a favorite pattern to the extreme, because what makes a place really homey is that we mix patterns - even quite different ones - in the right proportions. It will be really alive if you mix the gloss with the matte here, the soft with the hardness, or just the rough with the smooth. If you really want a feminine room, be brave enough to mix different materials and textiles.


If we hit the right proportions, several materials can fit together well. Be it silk, velvet, linen, cotton, or just cashmere. Again, we can only offer our own wallpapers, as you can currently choose from four very special materials. For a bright effect, the already mentioned Luce wallpaper is the winner. Our delicate, silk-haired wallpaper bears the name Vento, but if you decorate it with a more striking material, there is our wallpaper called Terra. Finally, a very extraordinary innovation: waterproof wallpaper. Originally called Aqua Brutale. We wouldn’t think that wallpaper could work instead of tile, but our modern manufacturing processes make it possible. In addition, bathroom wallpaper is beginning to become quite popular in the world of interior design.


Accessories and furniture

Once the basic color scheme of the room has been put together, the next question is what accessories can make a room even more feminine. When it comes to the material of these fixtures, here are some classics: crystal, gold, or just gilded objects, or marble. These are already excellent starting points. But whether it’s a youthful, clean room, or just an interior dotted with dense ornaments, the most dominant factor is the color scheme of the walls. 

The designers of Melograno Muro pay special attention to the best display of the customer's individuality to their customers with unique, custom-made wallpapers. So if you want a truly feminine room, an elegant Italian or a romantic French wallpaper will look good in your room at any time.

Houseplants would also be worth a separate blog, but just to mention that they can really bring life to a room. Well-chosen houseplants in vases that match the base color of the room make the room a real sweet. And if we can't turn the room into a jungle, then again, a unique design wallpaper full of plant motifs, perhaps depicting the jungle, can be a great solution. And this can create Edenic conditions states in any interior, for which we are also happy to recommend our jungle-themed wallpapers. As our company, Melograno Muro, has the motto: Rittorno All’Eden, or; Return to Eden!