Return to Eden. This is the title of our adventures, in which every wallpaper design is a page and every collection is a captivating chapter. When a new collection is born, we choose a name for it with the same care as a parent for their child. This is because each collection is unique, with a unique style and unique emotions. The goal, however, is the same for all of them: to take us back to the amazing luxury of the Garden of Eden.


This collection is all about creating balance. About the harmony that surrounds us.


Countless possibilities with endless adventures. This is what the INFINITY collection presents us with.


Our home turns into a small garden when plants dancing on the wallpapers of the collection, living beings with larger and smaller bodies, step out of the frame of stillness.


In this collection we try to bring the evergreen treasures to the surface from under the piles of our millennial civilization.


All the designs in the collection will surely become a prominent member of any interior, as they will not be given a single ordinary look.


In this wallpaper collection, it is as if the nebulae of thousands of galaxies floating in airless space have blurred into a variegated mass.


Our MELODIA collection is actually a wallpaper hit collection.


In this journey, imprints of bygone eras flash in the magnificent robe of modern creative art.


Melograno Muro’s RETURN collection rhymes with the company’s motto: Ritorno All’Eden or, Return to Eden.