Deep in the heart of every man is an almost indescribable pain, the homesickness of man what does not want to cease; back to Eden. Melograno Muro wants to provide a cure for exactly this pain, approached in terms of art and luxury. Nothing characterizes our mission better than the many unique design wallpapers and the many projects that have enchanted a multitude of homes and offices back into the world of Eden’s world.

Our main goal is to ensure that the environment of our clients reflects the true dignity of man in a quality way; so that you too can return to the right place for you, to the place where pleasure and quality surround your everyday life step by step. So that the walls around you no longer remain the gray prison cells of boredom. Instead, Melograno Muro offers a new opportunity: a space where walls convey Life, Harmony and Luxury to us. Meanwhile, our most lavish wallpaper designs are becoming excellent melting pots for the evergreen values ​​of bygone eras and the dynamics of modern art. Melograno Muro's team with many years of professional experience stands by its clients from the very first moment of design to the last brush stroke of construction.

During the production of the ordered wallpapers decorated with an authentic design, we use the most modern production techniques with the most modern wallpaper printing machines. We do all this by respecting the tradition of wallpaper production, which boasts hundreds of years of history. Not incidentally, the protection of our environment is a cardinal aspect of us, therefore we use only environmentally friendly materials when making our wallpapers.

Our projects so far can be likened to a romantic journey that is becoming more and more fantastic with each step. Contact us and become part of the amazing adventure of Melograno Muro, which is none other than Rittorno All’Eden, which means; return to Eden.