It is indisputable that dazzling, feminine designs enjoy timeless popularity in the world of interior design.

Judith Szebellédy

“After learning the ins and outs of design and designing many homes as an active member of the profession for many years, something new began, something unusual that, immediately connected to the interiors, immediately addressed me and the unique wall painting and me found each other!

Viktor Csap

This time, we want to introduce a designer who, in addition to creating breathtaking interior design plans, is also a true leader and team player. To quote his words: “I could have chosen the path of being in the spotlight and branding myself like Viktor Csap, the star architect.


Show the world like no one else! This is the main motivation that, as a designer, always drives us towards creation with new strength and vision.


Talent, passion and experience. These three words could best describe Ferry’s career so far in the world of interior design. His attachment to art has a solid foundation, as he has deepened his knowledge during his many years of art studies at The Art Institute of Chicago, among others.