Judith Szebellédy

“After learning the ins and outs of design and designing many homes as an active member of the profession for many years, something new began, something unusual that, immediately connected to the interiors, immediately addressed me and the unique wall painting and me found each other! Over time, I revived the walls made with special techniques in the form of design wallpapers, thus repeating the unrepeatable!

The lines above are from Melograno Muro’s guest designer, Judith Szebellédy-Samu. It would be hard to describe in one specific word who she really is. A creator, fashion designer, interior designer, brand founder, artist, explorer, but looking at her amazing paintings, she is perhaps also a visionary who is breaking completely new paths in the ever-bubbling world of interior design.

Once a fashion designer, today she dresses the walls of interiors with her dazzling creations. Its designs are rare gems, even among unique wallpaper designs, as, despite the popularity of modern computer programs, he creates his own wallpaper designs.

Her passion for interior design – and for mural painting – is also reflected in the increasingly popular brand she founded, SUMISURA. Judith has the spirit that is once in a blue moon among artists, that is, the unwilling desire to discover new and unique paths. Her works are so captivating because of this, and many times they are as if they have torn a slice out of another dimension. But where does this attitude come from? As Judith puts it:

“My never-ending desire to create leads this way, new and unusual approaches make me alive, and my love for nature is constantly inspiring me! I believe that the design wallpapers I dreamed of are made special and successful by my unique approach and unexpected solutions!”