Visions of colors: 2021 - Do you feel the colors?


Everyone wants their home to become a place that is comfortable yet harmonious in color. A well-chosen color combination or wallpaper contributes significantly to this. But what will be the most popular colors in the coming years?

Most of us may know a year full of difficulties behind us. The pandemic has forced millions of people around the world into their homes for weeks or even months, providing an excellent opportunity to take a closer look at their living environment. Maybe we are like that too; we might already be covering the rooms with other furnishings, maybe choose a completely different wallpaper or colors. Our blog deals with exactly the latter, as not surprisingly, the mass-scale “Stay at Home! Phenomenon” is even affecting color trends.

Although we do not foresee what 2021 will look like, but it is certain to be much more hopeful than last year. As a result, some have come up with predictions of color trends within the confines of interior design, which, incidentally, also have a great impact on the world of wallpaper. The predictions are diverse, but they all point in one direction: towards a home where one can easily relax, recharge, and be comfortable. We have collected the predictions of four major paint industry style dictators for 2021.Pantone (USA)

Pantone (USA)

Also, for the first time this year, another color will be the best in a tie, namely bright yellow (Illuminating - PANTONE 13-0647). We are talking about two very contrasting colors, yet they look great next to each other. With this combination, Pantone wants to interpret the messages of strength (gray - concrete) and hope (yellow - sunlight) that we will all need in 2021.


Benjamin Moore

The also American paint factory Benjamin Moore has come up with a color for 2021 that not only has a color but a name that is special. This is Aegean Teal. With this choice, the manufacturer has also set a goal for the home theme.

The “makers” of the color promise that this color is guaranteed to bring natural harmony to homes.


Jotun Lady (Norway)

Another notable paint factory, Norwegian Jotun Lady, aptly named his 2021 collection “Rediscover”. A new direction is to go back to the basics, that is, to draw inspiration from the most basic shades of nature. So their palettes shine in all shades of sand this year.

Clay, mud, sand and soil colors are among the big winners this year. According to the company compiling the list, these colors are the most suitable to convey the warmth of home to us. This year’s launch of Jotun Lady also features the colors mentioned earlier in a pastel, lighter design, as well as some lighter shades of blue.


Sherwin-Williams (USA)

Last but not least, we would like to present the color named by the US-based paint factory Sherwin-Williams as one of the trendiest colors of 2021. This is Urban Bronze. This rather sophisticated appearance of bronze advances any part of our home into a kind of “calm sanctuary”.

If anything, we will definitely need a break from home after a year like 2020.