Contrasting clash

The tension we feel when we put AGULHA and INGEL wallpapers next to each other is almost palpable. The dark, serious image world strains into a bright, playful sight. The contrast between them is so strong that it only becomes apparent during a long contemplation that the two wallpapers are actually in the same bathroom.


Our very first legitimate question might be why is there wallpaper in the bathroom. The answer is very simple and sensational; Melograno Muro also makes waterproof wallpapers, so instead of tiles, wallpaper can also decorate the walls of bathrooms.

So if you find wallpaper in your collection that you can imagine in your shower, for example, you don't have to worry: thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, you can us wallpaper in the shower

Returning to the tension between the two bathroom wallpapers, let’s take a closer look at AGULHA wallpaper. Palm leaves, which evoke a very popular jungle atmosphere, can still enjoy unbroken success in the world of interior design. This time, we dared to give up the green color effect, and even wanted to display a more pronounced mood instead.

The result was that the entire bathroom received a much more disciplined emphasis. The playfulness only appears in a cavalcade of silvery palm leaves, apart from that it floods the space with a mature, purposeful milieu. AGULHA is specifically the wallpaper of people who are relentlessly struggling to achieve their dreams; playfulness also has a place, but the point is still to move with determination in earnest on the path to success.


The other protagonist of our blog, INGEL, is already a wallpaper with many times fresher tones. The same bathroom that AGULHA spiced with discipline is already dressed by INGEL in a playful robe. The mosaic effect, which consists of colorful spots, surprises us with the depiction of another angel statue. The overall effect here is much clearer, and the interplay of the variegated tiles entertains us in a pleasant yet appropriate proportion. 

So it can be said that the wallpaper can bring light or take it away from the room. AGULHA is more restrained, while INGEL is extremely bright, almost brilliant. Finally, we would like to contribute a little useful advice to your successful wallpaper selection. Always keep in mind to put appropriate bright, colored lamps in the room for the wallpaper, because a light that doesn’t match the wallpaper can nullify the power that is actually found in wall decorations.