Technical data sheet


Description of Melograno Muro Terra

Melograno Muro Terra is a 350g non-woven wallpaper with a plaster effect. Textured vinyl-coated, printable material is ideal for high-resolution and colorful wall decoration. Melograno Muro Terra wallcoverings are fireproof and Bio-Pruf ™ treated, which provides long-term antibacterial protection.

Fire protection

Euro class: B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1) ASTM: class A (E-84-15a)


Interior design solutions, interior wall decoration

Benefits of Melograno Muro Terra

  • 350g/m2
  • Durability: impact resistant according to EN 259-2
  • Light fastness: ≥ 7 International Woolscale - BS EN 20105 / ISO EN Washability: extra-scrubbable EN 259-1/EN 12956
  • Bio-Pruf® anti-bacterial treatment to inhibits the growth of micro- organisms such as bacteria and fungi.
  • FSC® certified: FSC-C100728
  • Reach compliant according to EU regulation 1907 / 2006 EC
  • Dry strippable
  • LEED v.4.1: Compliant
  • BREEAM International: Compliant
  • Fits well
  • CE marking
  • Good color quality


Shelf life and storage

1 year shelf life under normal conditions. (Humidity: 30% -75%, Temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C. Higher humidity and / or temperature may affect the quality and life of the wallpaper.) Always store the media in its original packaging, preferably in a dark place.



Chemical cleaning is not recommended. Can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.


Before applying the wallpaper

Make sure you get the wallpaper of the look, size and material you ordered! We cannot take responsibility for the wallpaper that has already been added.