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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website is not a webshop. To order the product, contact us in one of the following ways:
Through the contracting form (gray request box)

The price per square meter of our general purpose wallcovering is 17,640ft / sqm gross, and our wallcovering for bathroom, and is 38,087ft / sqm gross.

Production will begin after the invoice has been settled, with a lead time of 2 days. The produced wallpapers are delivered within 7-10 working days.

Yes. This design can also be made with any color variation. In addition, you have the opportunity to realize your unique idea with our team.

Our wallpapers can be placed on floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors. Our Acqua Brutale material is suitable for bathrooms and outdoors. An installation guide can be downloaded after logging in.

Design Info

When we contemplate the beauty of the coral reefs at the bottom of the sea, it is sometimes as if we are scanning the sky. This is because fish and sea creatures roaming over the reef swim as easily as large birds soar in the wind currents. However, there is also a special individual among them, the jellyfish. Appearance, movement, like some unearthly message. Elusive and free. Floating in the currents of the sea, it scatters its long tentacles, which split the turquoise sea like lightning strikes. We are captivated by this drop of not ordinary sight, we move almost together with the jellyfish, carelessly entrusting ourselves to the currents of the sea of inspiration. This current will eventually take us to the most amazing places. One of the stops is the VOYAGE wallpaper, which is a great piece of the endless journey of the INFINITY wallpaper collection in all respects.


Benefits of Melograno Muro Vento

  • Excellent color quality
  • Strong non-woven fabric
  • Easy to fit
  • CE marking
  • Bio-Pruf ™ treated


The Melograno Muro team offers materials with a special surface that best suits the design style for the best color rendering.

After registering on the website, personalized, complete design samples, installation guides and technical data sheets will be available.

In addition, we would like to provide services to designers, customers, for the production of custom designs that are not included in the catalog. Thus, based on your own idea, the colors and elements of the designs can be modified and replaced. Moreover, our design team is ready to create completely new designs to order. Of course, we can also offer a dedicated project manager who will help you ensure flawless implementation for the perfect end result. The result is that not only do our customers get excellent quality, but they also receive high-quality service provided by professionals.


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